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The Monesy are rarely taller than 140 cm (4.5 feet). Their bodyweight is varied, from very skinny to extremely fat. They have large, round or pointed ears.

Usually, they wear expensive and masterly crafted attire. They are also fond of jewelry made of precious stones or gold.

Way of life

The Monesy focus on widely understood business. They think that there is no thing that cannot yield a profit, even if a small one. They trade, they run banks, they transport goods, they hire mercenaries, they sell information and they do dozens of other profitable things.

They follow a short set of "Good Merchant Rules". These are the most important ones of them:

  • The world is one big marketplace.
  • The sheep are fleeced, not butchered.
  • There is no impossible thing.
  • A secret is a treasure.
  • War is good for business.
  • Peace is good for business.
  • A name is of great value.

These rules are instilled in young Monesy during their education. Members of their society are required to observe them utterly. At the same time, the rules are sufficiently open to allow many possibilities of inconsistent actions without the need to suffer antipathy of one's companions.

For the purposes of trading, the Monesy often wander about the world. One may meet their caravans everywhere, irrespective of the season or political situation. The wandering is often considered an opportunity to learn and gain experience.


The Monesy are extremely kind, well-mannered, and communicative. They possess vast knowledge on many things, and they are also able to use it practically. They manage to wrap an unprepared person around their finger in no time.

The Monesy are refined people. When asked who they are, they answer: "We are the Monesy." They feel good in any country, but they never identify themselves with it. Even a resident Monesy only partially adopts local customs.

They are sly dogs. In spite of the fact that most of them seem to be serious traders, they are ready to scheme and act in a way ensuring them the highest profit. At the same time, they do not hesitate to enter deals that may be considered shady.


The Monesy are ruled by the so-called Guild. Both the seat of the Guild and its members are unknown. Rumors has it that the Guild is formed of representatives of the richest houses or trading corporations. However, most of the Monesy discuss this subject reluctantly and often even deny existence of the Guild.

Social position of a Monesy is determined based on their wealth, visited lands, clinched bargains or personal experience. Successful Monesy are able to tell how have they gathered their wealth, who have they talk to, and what adventures have they experienced. That is why the older and knowledgeable members of the race enjoy great respect.


Monesy - caravans traveling

Most of the Monesy live in caravans traveling the world. The rest of them inhabits villages or trading factories scattered around the world, or owns districts in larger towns.

Few Monesy who "have seen much in their lives" become recluses and settle down in desolate places. They are considered sages with vast knowledge or simply eccentrics bored with their riches.

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