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Traces of the Ancients

Traces of the Ancients

In the past, the world was ruled by a mysterious race – the Ancients. Remains of their civilization may be found even today. One example was town of Symera, where Steamers discovered machines of the Ancients and used them to design steam engine.

Most of the ruins is still hidden. They are often inhabited by monsters or defended by magic strong enough to discourage possible adventurers. The terrain is frequently unaccessible or the discoveries bear meager fruit because of the searcher's ignorance and lack of proper tools. Many times, the adventurers simply do not know where to search and what to look for.

Residents of several towns just do not know that every day, they live among or above relics of an older, more advanced civilization. Helmgaard, located on Tamrel island, is one of such towns.


Magical energy is omnipresent in the world, from the ground, to trees, to animals, buildings and people. This energy makes using magic possible. Thanks to it, a Wizard, a Druid or a Shaman may cast spells.

Casting spells means manipulating this energy in order to achieve specific results. The energy itself is very flexible, so in fact, all it takes is properly directed will of the caster. All the rest is an addition.

fangs shaman

As some sages say, the magical energy is one, only the ways to use it are different. So according to the universal laws of magic, a Fangs Shaman is no different from an Echoes Priestess, or even from a savage beast surrounded by magical aura. All of them draw their power from the earth, from nature, and sometimes from the Astral itself, if there is a rift nearby.

Although Steamer magic researchers deny that they use the magical energy, insisting that the Steamers base solely on technology, they are also magic users. It results from the fact that magic and technology are two sides of the same coin, and they are inseparably connected with each other. Technology is none other than subjugated and orderly form of magic.

Only properly prepared persons may use magic. Training, adequately strong will, and knowledge are necessary, as well as selecting a source of power. Ill-prepared acolytes often die in spectacular ways.

Using magic frequently leaves an impression on the user, depending on the source of their power. That is why Fangs Shamans happen to be wild and uncontrollable as fire, and Echoes Priestesses are calm and even-tempered as trees and flowers.

The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane

It is a common belief that souls of the dead go to the Astral Plane. Every culture describes this place in a different way, however everyone is unanimous that the Astral is not only a world beyond, but also a source of pure magical energy.

Each living creature, would this be an animal or a sentient being, has an invisible and elusive soul, plastic and shapeless when outside of the body, in its pure form. While inside the body, the soul absorbs feelings, emotions and experiences. After leaving the body, souls of dead creatures resort to the Astral Plane, irrespective of the way they died. There, most of the memories, talents and skills are left behind, and some new ones acquired. That is why people posses various skills and innate talents, and sometimes they have a feeling of deja vu. Then, the soul returns to the material world and searches for a new body. It is a natural process, undisturbed by wars, plagues or natural disasters. The nature itself controls this cycle, and it may be disturbed only by an extreme cataclysm.


Each race has their own language. There is also a common trade language, invented and disseminated by the Monesy. Everyone who wanted to trade with them, had to learn it. But it turned to be so simple and clear that it was quickly adopted by all other races.


Coins are minted by the Monesy Guilds. However, there is also widely understood barter. Metals have certain values, as well as many other raw materials and products.


The calendar is identical for all races. End of Great Migrations period is commonly considered as a year zero.

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