The Moluses are short, stocky and well-muscled beings covered with fur. They resemble large humanoid moles. Their bulky hands with claws are well-fit to digging. While working for other races, they are clothed as their owners wish, however most often their attire is reduced to simple trousers with a cord round their waist.


Natural communities of this race have no supreme leaders nor hierarchy. Both males and females work, gather food, dig dwelling-burrows and care for their offspring.

In natural habitats, the Moluses live under ground. They go outside only from time to time, for instance in search for food.

While caught or lured by other races, they live among them. They are mostly kept in some sort of pens, however it happens that they are treated as members of the household.

All races use the Molusy for work. There are too few Moluses for them to be the sole workforce of the world, but at the same time they are numerous enough to be reckoned with. Presence of the mole-people in the factories of the Steamers or in the fields of the Fangs is considered completely normal, even natural.


The Moluses are very trustful and loyal. Only aggressive carnivorous beasts arouse fear in them and they avoid these by instinct. The Moluses are totally unable to comprehend abstract ideas.

Thanks to their perfect sense of hearing, the Moluses are receptive to all harmonious sounds. They eagerly serve anyone who knows their favorite melodies. It is not important, who is it and what are their purposes. The Moluses like to feel helpful. They work till they drop, irrespective of the time of the day and requirements. Each of the races use different instruments to control the Moluses. The Fangs use drums, the Echoes – harps and lyres, and the Steamers – trumpets.

Sometimes single Moluses may be seen respectfully drawing water from a river or sitting at some stone and looking at it with concentration. It is believed that this is some form of religious rites devoted to nature, however it has never been proved.

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