Developer’s diary – part 1

Added: 2013-03-07

I feel we are closer and closer. The game launch is coming swiftly… and also so much desired vacation ;)

We thought that developing a game was just fun. In fact, it is. However, there are days when someone discovers that "there are no coffee filters!" As a survival master (once I survived two days without electricity), I received a quest to obtain those. When I left the "Workshop", I noticed that summer was long gone, and my wife spent our summer holidays alone... As a matter of fact... do I still have a wife? Seizing the opportunity, I used my mount and dropped into my home. Fortunately, tolerance of our partners is admirable :)

After my return from the quest, I was almost trampled by our artists craving for coffee.

ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED! +100 to respect in the office!

As soon as I sat at my computer, I decided to summarize our achievements so far.

  • The game engine is almost ready
  • Locations require just tiny corrections.
  • The story, although complete, is still developed.
  • New beasts join the Legion.

It’s 5 o’clock in the morning, so time to get back to work :)

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