Legion Minions

Added: 2013-04-18

The enemy that we must fight with, is more powerful than anything you have face earlier. The mutants know no mercy. They are natural born killers.

On Tamrel Island, you will meet great hordes of these beasts.


Legion Minions come to Larium and Daaroth continents more and more frequently. If we don’t stop them now, they will grow in strength and destroy the whole world known to us. Nobody has an army powerful enough to face them in an open battle. The only chance to defeat the Legion is to venture a visit on Tamrel Island, because this is the place the beasts are coming from.

We will nip the evil in the bud, or the world will be plunged in darkness forever.

Bull Hulk

Bull Hulk

One of the first mutants that came to Tamrel. In spite of the fact they are typical gregarious creatures and their horns and hooves resemble common bulls, they are anything but livestock. They may look bovine, but they can charge surprisingly fast, trampling their unfortunate targets.



Whole swarms of these mutants attack forces of the Alliance. Maulers hit with their heavy paws like with morning stars, crushing bones and splitting skulls of their opponents. Worse still, they are far more vital than their posture suggests. They are able to fight even when they have suffered terrific injuries that would knock many creatures down.

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