Race: Echoes

Tiny and minute Echoes Wizards spread havoc on the battlefield.

They use only simple weapons, such as staves, wands, magic orbs and scepters, however they are able to inflict monstrous damage.

The Wizards mastered forces of nature to such an extent that they can use them fully intuitively.

In their stock, the Wizards have both powerful offensive spells and the ones enabling them to survive many fights and even cure their wounds. The elements seem to be completely obedient to the Wizards, so they are feared of by even the strongest foes.


The Echoes Wizards utilize a kind of magic energy called Mana. They draw it from all living creatures and plants in their vicinity without any hurt to the sources. Mana allows the adepts of arcane arts to control the elements.

Apart from the gathered Mana, Elemental Dust is necessary to cast the more powerful spells.

Magic Missile

A bolt of magical energy hits an enemy.


An energy channel draws life from a foe and heals the Wizard.

Poison Missile

A pool of poison forms under the feet of a foe, damaging every one who steps into it.


Fiery missile damaging multiple foes.


Powerful offensive spell, originating partially from the fire domain.

Magic Maul

Strong offensive spell that requires from the Wizard to come close to the enemy.

Mage Shield

The Wizards creates a shield that absorbs a limited amount of damage.

Melted Armor

A spell that nullifies elemental resistance of an enemy.

Magic Focus

By focusing themselves, the Wizards increase elemental damage inflicted by them.

Skill Tree number IV

Ice Lance

Ice missile damages a foe and freezes them for some time.


Ice shards damage multiple foes at the same time.


Spectacular and powerful spell damaging one enemy.

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