Race: Fangs

Brave Warriors from the Fangs race excel most enemies. Their immense strength together with exhausting training, make them fearful opponents.

Some of them favor fast and light weaponry, such as one-handed swords or axes. Others prefer brute force to finesse, and decide to fight using two-handed axes or mauls.

Their skills are focused mainly on elimination of foes, however they have also some tricks for filling gaps in defense in their stock. Considering their high vitality, the Warriors are mobile fortresses.


While fighting, the Fangs utilize Rage. Their Rage increases with each suffered blow, allowing them to execute powerful attacks which knock their foes down.

Some skills of the Fangs are so violent that in order to unleash their power, they need Hanga Leaves which have stimulating properties.

Brutal Blow

Mighty blow affecting one enemy.

Berserker Rage

For the duration of Rage, Warriors inflicts the more damage the more they are injured.


The more injured a foe, the stronger this blow is.

Dirty Trick

The Warrior blinds a foe temporarily, throwing a fistful of sand in their eyes.

Life Absorber

By damaging their foes, the Warriors heal their wounds.

Intimidating Shout

A shout that awakes fear in foes.

Thoughtless Stroke

A mighty blow hurting an enemy, but also slightly injuring the Warrior that inflicts it.

Poisoned Weapon

For some time, the Warrior's weapon is covered with a poison damaging enemies.

Fire Whip

Fiery missile hurting a foe.

Skill Tree number IV

Double Stroke

Two fast blows inflicting huge damage.

Stunning Blow

Power of this blow knocks a foe senseless.


The Cyclone damages all enemies standing around the Warrior.

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