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Basic hero statistics

In the world of Darken Age, every hero is characterized by several basic attributes. Each one of them is important, but it is the full set of them that makes a full characteristics of a person.

Developer’s diary – part 1

I feel we are closer and closer. The game launch is coming swiftly… and also so much desired vacation ;)

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What Darken Age is? For whom is Darken Age? Why Darken Age is on Facebook? ... and much more

Legion Minions

The enemy that we must fight with, is more powerful than anything you have face earlier. The mutants know no mercy. They are natural born killers. On Tamrel Island, you will meet great hordes of these beasts.

Video: Darken Age Facts

Especially for you - two videos of the Darken Age Facts series! They include a handful of curiosities from the world of the game.

Video: Darken Age Promo

In anticipation of the Darken Age release - we present You the latest game promo.

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