Range problems with WCU-4 and ALEXA Mini

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Postby Sebastian » 14 Jun 2018, 15:46

Range problems with WCU-4 and ALEXA Mini


we have recently discovered that some productions seem to have range limitations (only a few meters) with the combo of WCU-4 and ALEXA Mini which they did not report to our service and blame it on the system.
In our experience these issues are caused by a wear problem in the antenna connector of ALEXA Mini. We are not sure yet but it seems that turning the entire antenna when mounting and un-mounting the antenna loosens the pin in the connector over time. As a result the antenna cable soldered to the pin may get connection issues.ALEXA Minis which show (even temporary) range issues may suffer from that issue and need to be fixed by replacing the cable/connector.
It's important to understand that these issues are not general flakiness of the system and that they can easily be fixed at an ARRI service center. In order to avoid wear we recommend to avoid turning the entire antenna when mounting it.

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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